Sudah mampir

Posted by Sjouke on feb 7, 2008 in Amsterdam

River Het YKembali di Amsterdam, quite a change dari Jakarta, pollusi ada juga, tetapi not so bad.
It’s cold, but the air feels “crispy” a deep breath of cold air masuk paru2 saya. Enak sekali!
Aku sudah naik sepeda ke Amsterdam, crossing the river Y by ferry boat gratis yah, karena ngak ada jembatan, just two tunnels only for motorized vehicles. Sepeda dan orang jalan kaki harus use the ferry if you want to go from the North of Amsterdam to the town center. Even Stasiun Sentral is built on a pulau di sunggai Het Y. But you will not notice it, only from the air.
Puri Media Buying Systems (red bldg)Aku jalan2, along the canals like Brouwersgracht and take a look at the beautiful houses dari waktu tempo doeloe. Some of them are gudang, dating back to VOC times, waktu Belanda “rampok” Indonesia from spices etc.
In one of the buildings, jang paling tinggi di tengah, is were the OWS/MBS team are working keras sekali, to develop the unique software to be used for media planning TV, untuk iklanan on Indo stations like RCTI, SCTV, Indosiar dll. for advertisers di Indonesia. Still awaiting the Television Audience Measurement data, hope that these will arrive soon!houseboats

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