pasar di Belanda

Posted by Sjouke on feb 12, 2008 in Landsmeer

cheese and chicken stallsFish from Bond VolendamPasar in Belanda are quite different than those in other parts of the world. In Amsterdam there are several pasar who are open daily, like the world famous Albert Cuyp markt. Suggest to go there when you are in here, it is quite an experience also for pariwisata.
bread and petfoodThese are situated in always the same street and every morning built up with stalls on either side of the street and these can be rented. Sales opening hours from 9.00 to 17.00. Then the street and all the garbage has to be cleaned again and the stalls removed. and at 19.00 the street is a normal street again. At the market almost everything is available from clothing to fresh fruit, from fresh fish to meat, from bread to electrical appliances.panties You just name and I am pretty sure that they will sell it.
In some parts of the city there are also local markets, but only once a week on a fixed day, The foto impression is of a very small market in Landsmeer, weekly visited by many locals who also come to meet and ngbrol. Always the same stalls Bond fish from Volendam, Siebe’s bread from Daerah Susu Bendera (Friesland) and many more.

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