An off day, jelek sekali!

Posted by Sjouke on feb 13, 2008 in zo maar

small world because of mistTo-day was one of these days when no one was happy. We did not see the sun for one minute. It started with fog and it was icy cold and when the invisible sun went tidur it was still the same. This picture from around the corner shows it and it was “waterkoud” itu namanya disini, it feels like you have been standing in cold water all day.
The world is so small then, you only have a sight for 30 metres and all day ther cars are driving with the headlight on. Typical day for ketabraan in traffic, not aware of macet ahead , and that really happens a lot, these chain collisions.
spring is on its wayIn Belanda people always talk about the weather, actually all people do in the northern part of Europe, because we love the sun to come out. And therefore Mr. Blue Sky of ELO is one of my favourit songs! I hope you know it, if not I will try with the help of my friend Ferrie, the blog mechanic, to share it with you. Just wait!
No sun unfortunately, munkin besok and if not we have to be happy with the first flowers announcing that spring will come, but that will not be for many many weeks. Nature is bingung having the flowers blooming in mid February, we should have had snow and ice!


Chinese New Year in Amsterdam.

Posted by Sjouke on feb 13, 2008 in Amsterdam

imlek 2008The year of the Rat was also celebrated last week, especially in one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam around Nieuwmarkt, Warmoesstraat, Zeedijk where most Chinese supermarkets and restaurants are to be found. de waag castleMore recently Chinese medecin becomes popular and so there are specialised herbs pharmacies, massage and reflexology parlours and acapuncture specialists.To complete “china town” the names of the streets are in Chinese on the name sign.I wonder what is says. It is not like big Petjinan, which I remember from Semarang or old Glodok, but we do have our own Vihara here. Especially built for the Chinese Community in Holland. imlek stallThe Vihara gets visitors from all over the world visiting Amsterdam and I particularly like the vegetarian restaurant next door.
To give you an impression of last Saturday of all activities many pictures will be shown. The chinese community in Amsterdam is very active, they have there own school, www.Chinese School Amsterdam.nl and also Mandarin lessons are organised for those who are interested in the Chinese language. big bangschinese school amsterdamThe first Chinese in Amsterdam were the unfortunate Chinese sailors, who could not go back to sea, as the many shipping companies went bankrupt during the 1930 world crisis. They soon made a living, starting restaurants or selling ting ting in the streets. The first Chinese Indonesian restaurants were born. Some married Dutch girls but the majority had married Chinese girls from China mainland or Hongkong who came over.
happy new yearAfter the second world war also many Indonesian Chinese came either directly to Holland or via Germany. Their emloyment was mainly in business trade or the medical professions like doctors, dentists pharmacists.payung Especially the younger generations are very much aware of there Chinese origin and unlike there parents in the old days who rather kept a low profile, they are proud of it and like to come out. Chinese names become popular among them instead of western names. And many adopted Chinese children keep their own first name and have a Dutch family name. And I am proud to say that the daughter of a school friend of mine dating back to sekolah dasar, is the first member of parliament of chinese ancestry and she is called Mei Li. Let’s hope that it will be a year with lot’s of hoki for all of us.

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