An off day, jelek sekali!

Posted by Sjouke on feb 13, 2008 in zo maar |

small world because of mistTo-day was one of these days when no one was happy. We did not see the sun for one minute. It started with fog and it was icy cold and when the invisible sun went tidur it was still the same. This picture from around the corner shows it and it was “waterkoud” itu namanya disini, it feels like you have been standing in cold water all day.
The world is so small then, you only have a sight for 30 metres and all day ther cars are driving with the headlight on. Typical day for ketabraan in traffic, not aware of macet ahead , and that really happens a lot, these chain collisions.
spring is on its wayIn Belanda people always talk about the weather, actually all people do in the northern part of Europe, because we love the sun to come out. And therefore Mr. Blue Sky of ELO is one of my favourit songs! I hope you know it, if not I will try with the help of my friend Ferrie, the blog mechanic, to share it with you. Just wait!
No sun unfortunately, munkin besok and if not we have to be happy with the first flowers announcing that spring will come, but that will not be for many many weeks. Nature is bingung having the flowers blooming in mid February, we should have had snow and ice!

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feb 14, 2008 at 9:10

instructions for ELO will come by mail :wink:



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