Sudah Bosan, saya belum….

Posted by Sjouke on feb 28, 2008 in Amsterdam

ferry to the Amsterdam cityI just can not get enough of it showing you around Amsterdam and be assured, there is much more to tell about my favorite city. Just drop a line and tell me what you think of it. It was almost sun down when I took the ferry across the river Y (pronounce “I”). houseboatsThe light was beautiful, when peddling on my bike over bridges along the canals on my to meet a friend in the pub in one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam. As always I had my Canon Ixus on me and had to take a few snapshots as
anywhere on my way I saw houseboats and I envy these lucky people living on the water, here in the center of the city. If one day you intend to stay overnight on one of these houseboats during your next trip to Amsterdam, just browse to http://www.houseboathotel.nlAmsterdam floating chinese restaurant
Also, like in Hong Kong we have our own floating Chinese restaurant, just browse to http://www.seapalace.nl and see the menu in case you are lapar. Makanya enak, bayarnya Euro …. bukan murah seperti restoran2 di Blok M, atau Setia Budi.
voc ship museumIn one of the pictures we see a replica of a VOC ship which is part of the Maritime Museum.On this spot, where you see the high buildings used to be the shipyards in 16th century these ships where built. And swarmed around the world to trade and made the home port Amsterdam a rich city.

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